It’s wildly annoying to see the following remarks in any recruitment thread:

  • Why have a gay guild?
  • What does orientation have to do with gaming?
  • This isn’t a dating site, it’s a game.

A guild, in essence, is a collection of people with similar goals and interests in mind. So it’s only natural for a group of gaymers to want to be in the same guild because not only do they want to progress in the game but they have similar lifestyles which makes it easier to relate to one another.

In almost any MMO, you’ll see quests and storylines about lovers and miscellaneous romances…not just dragons and undead are slaughtering villages. The addition to marriages are another addition to modern day MMOs. And even if none of this happened, MMOs are social games. In social games, people talk about themselves and what’s going on in their lives. You can’t seriously tell me you’ve never heard a fellow guildmate mention their spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend…ever…in the entire time you’ve played an MMO.

We realize it’s not a dating website. Trust me, we do. We have our own plethora of dating and hook-up sites that really, we don’t need an MMO to add onto it. So please, stop saying that.

LGBT guilds are formed and searched for because it makes playing a game fun when you do so with like-minded individuals. It makes it less likely to be a stressful environment when the people you play with understand that remarks like “stop being a faggot” or “that’s fucking fag” aren’t akin to “you’re being an asshole” or “that’s fucking lame.” It helps others live in a more open fashion, even if by just a little bit, because in real-life they may have forces keeping them in the closet but in an MMO it’s different and they don’t have to worry as much about their parents finding out.

So really, stop being an asshole.

Don’t understand or want to be part of a gay guild? Don’t join one.

Aside: As a gaymer, it wasn’t until my ending days of World of Warcraft did the desire to be part of a LGBT guild develop. For me, this was because I tried very hard to have my gay persona apart from my gaming persona. I soon realized that both identities played an integral role of who I am, and thus, they were merged to form the gaymer identity. It also helped that there were other gaymers and even a community of us (

I wanted to join an LGBT guild for a sense of community and to have a more open life in-game.

I wanted to join an LGBT guild so that I wouldn’t have to constantly hear “stop being a faggot” or “that’s so fucking gay.” Both statements that don’t bother me when said once in a while, but I would hear this homophobic remarks on a daily basis within five minutes of each other while raiding.