I received my copy of hello mr., issue 01, a couple of weeks ago. I was very eager to dive into reading the magazine that has branded itself as a new zine for men that date men. I had to fight the temptation to get into it because it’s been busy at work and I wanted to peruse the articles with a clear mind. Today was finally that day.

There’s a lot of articles and what really made me excited as I finished all 168 pages was that I was pleased. I won’t say it was a perfect issue, there were a lot of great articles and a lot of articles I kind of expected. I commend all the writers, however, for their ardour.

Here’s my list of articles, authors, and photographs that I thought were phenomenal reads:

  • The Sweet Struggle by Sam Rodgers
  • Jesus Days, 1978–1983 by Greg Reynolds
  • “Interested In Men” by Alden Peters
  • Photographer: Barry Marré
  • MAM by Jack Arthur Smith
  • Web-series: the Outs by Adam Goldman
  • Twenty-Five Things You Should Know About Being A Gay Man Before You Decide To Be One by Ryan O’Connell
  • Soulmates Are Boring by Bernard Lansbergen
  • Nice to See You by Adam Polaski
  • Dating Under the Disco Ball by Dan Saniski
  • Leashed by Adam Edgerton
  • Twelve Steps to Break a Heart by Brent Persun
  • Illustrator: Dan Gray
  • Ritual L’Homme by Blair Mishleau
  • The Gay Men Project by Kevin Truong
  • Just Like Me by Arie Rain Glorie

The majority of the media I read/viewed in the first issue, I believe, lived up to what hello mr. is trying to brand itself as. They were refreshing, probably because of how honest and close-to-home they felt.