Reading through this issue took longer than expected, more personal reasons than any fault of the magazine.

A solid follow-up to its initial release and I continue to proudly be a subscriber, and that’s not me strutting my ego.

Okay, it is.

I enjoyed a lot of the content this issue had to offer. They hit home and sparked thoughts / introduced me to new perspectives (which I’m almost always in the mood for). Of course there are some articles I felt were a bit out of place or caused me to blankly stare at the pages (even on second read throughs). That said, I’m still looking forward to the next issue and I’m trying to muster the courage to submit a piece.

List of articles/pieces and artworks/photographs I fancied…
Key: Articles that hit home for me

  • Queer Friends by Max Mosher
  • 30 x 30: A Tough Love List of Resolutions for Your Thirtieth by Kevin Derrick
  • Flowerbed by Jürgen Natter
  • Bright Light Bright Light by Adam Hurly
  • At First Sight by Tom Mcllroy
  • Accidents by Matthew Lowe
  • Nine Reasons to Text Your Insignificant Other by Chad Hensley
  • Wanderings by Jonathan Randall Grant / *Photos by Michael Newsted
  • Hyperkeratosis of the Heart by Samuel Leighton-Dore
  • Buyer’s Remorse by Joshua Greene
  • The Rules of the Game by Mike Mutsaers
  • Emo, Curious, and Well-Traveled; or Ed Droste Is My Kind of Person by Blair Mastbaum
  • Purple Galaxy by Daniel Young
  • The Other by Mike Joose
  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice? by Adam Polaski